The Postcard(1989)

"The Postcard" CBS 655183 2

(B. Grebenshikov)
Produced by David A. Stewart

(c) 1989 CBS United Kingdom Ltd.
(p) 1989 CBS Inc.

01. The Postcard (7'' Edit) 
02. That Voice Again
03. Winter 
04. The Postcard (LP Version)

The Postcard

This is a postcard
Saying I'm alright in this beautiful city

This is a phone call
Saying, yes, I am sleeping alone here
But the telephone lines are cut
My hands can't hold the paper
You are on my mind

Nobody knows your name here,
Except when the moon is out
And then they toss in their sleep
Crying out for you to take them
But me I cannot sleep,
I cannot dream,
My heart is shattered
You are on my mind

Once seven colors used to make a man blind
And now we are like birds stuck in barbed wire

Precise, like sunrise
A child just like any other
Made of the bones of the earth
Fragile and deathless
Yes, I'm alright
I'm a church,
And I'm burning down

You are on my mind...


That Voice Again

I hear that voice again
I hear that voice again

Seems so simple now
Now that the sky is clear
Maybe the road was tough
But at last we're here
I've nothing to hide from you
Nothing to explain
Just this vision of broken wing
And the raven cries in pain

I hear that voice again
I hear that voice again

If darkness surrounds you
I'll be the fire
To guard your sleep
If there's nothing to stand on
I will lay myself beneath your feet
I will show the world to you
And this world will have no stain
Just hold me now
Hold me close
Don't let me go
But close your eyes
And look away

I hear that voice again



Now that the summer is gone
Snow's on the ground
I sought and I found
I know what I found is true
But the bitter gray sky
Fades into silence
Only the fire is left
And some say it's not enough
To carry us through

Days of apple bloom white
Silver and steel
Tales of webs
Spun around a careless heart
I dream of the snow-white seagulls
Crying to show me the way
But I will stay here with you
And nothing will ever come
To tear us apart

Look into my eyes sister
No harm will come to you
Look into my eyes sister
No harm will come to you


The Postcard

(LP Version)


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